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Last updated: Monday, Sep 25, 2023
 Welcome To Life Savers, Inc
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AED Programs & Equipments
AEDs are devices about the size of a laptop that deliver an electric shock to the heart to restore a normal heart rhythm. They are small, portable, battery operated machines and with proper training, very simple to use. The "smart technology" makes the AED easy to use for individuals without any medical training. The device will deliver a shock only to those victims that will benefit from this treatment.

According to the American Heart Association, sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) claims the life of 240,000 Americans each year. Approximately ninety-five percent of those who suffer this condition outside a hospital do not survive because AEDs are still not widely available in many public places. With greater access to public defibrillation programs, the American Heart Association estimates that around 50,000 lives could be saved each year. Lifesavers is a licensed distributor for several major AED manufacturers. Our affiliations with various companies gives us access to the most up-to-date AEDs with the latest technology.

AED consultation

After purchase, we continue to be a valuable resource for your AED program with our AED consultation. We assist you in setting up your AED program, so that you are in accordance with legal guidelines and laws. We can provide professional guidance as to the number of AEDs appropriate for your facility, brands, site placement and capabilities. We also aid in setting up a maintenance program so that the AED is always fully operational and ready to be used in event of emergency. Our AED training will help your staff know how to operate the AED, incorporate CPR delivery and the use of the AED and much more. Candidates practise with AED trainers, which are safe, training devices that behave just like an AED but dont actually deliver an electric shock.

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