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Medical Direction

Prescription/Medical Authorization

Most AEDs require a prescription/medical authorization prior to purchase. Since AEDs are medical devices they are all tracked and controlled by the FDA. Prescriptions are to be obtained only from a MD. We take the hassle away from our clients so they need not locate a MD of their own in order to acquire these prescriptions. As a courtesy to our clients, Lifesavers, Inc provide prescriptions where applicable at no additional costs.

By accepting our prescriptions, you concur to the responsibility to comply with all the legal and recommended requirements for your AED program. These include but are not limited to, medical oversight, continuous AED program compliance, equipment maintenance, the appropriate ongoing CPR/AED training and certification, policies and procedure updates and event summary reviews.


Medical Direction/Oversight

Some states also require that the person of company obtain medical oversight/direction (M.O.)from an MD that specializes in Emergency Medicine. The MO ensures compliance with all local and state regulations.  M.O. means that this physician is overseeing your company's initial implementation process.

MO entails :

Development and review of policies and procedures and protocol defining the standards of patient care and utilization of the AED.
Oversee the initial and continuing AED training.
Review of response documentation and rescue data for all uses of the AED.
Completion of the Quality Assurance in the event of an AED usage.
Provide advice regarding the medical care of those in need of such care.
Development of maintenance plan for AEDs.

Our on-staff MD is ready to serve your company to ensure your company's AED program qualify for the benefits of the local Good Samaritan laws.


AED tracking / online program management

All AED's pads & batteries have expiration dates or shelf lives depending on the brand/model of the unit. Pads typically have shelf lives from 1.5 to 5 years. Batteries normally have shelf lives from 2 to 5 years. It can be quite challenging for a company to keep track of all these expiration dates especially if there are several AEDs in the facility. If the AED's pads are expired and/or batteries are dead, the AED will be virtually useless. Also, some manufactures indemnification policy are void if AEDs are implemented with a depleted battery or expired pads.

To save your company the trouble from potential lawsuits, we offer an excellent online solution that tracks the expiration dates of these accessories. Our state-of-the-art online program management alerts you, the client via email alerts when your AEDs consumables need to be replenished.

View our list of competitive prices below...

Medical Direction - $85.00/year/AED

AED Tracking - $55.00/year/AED

Medical Direction & AED Tracking - $100.00/year/AED

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